Transport – the ever changing sector


Transport is one of the most exciting sectors we work in.
It’s so changeable and we love that.

It keeps us on our toes. This is because:
The environment is being respected. The environment is so very important to us all and, year on year, the world is innovating new and improved solutions. As we, a global community, progress, so too do the solutions that the engineering community delivers.
The world is moving faster. We now have the ability to be anywhere in the world within a day, meaning bigger, better, quicker, safer transport is needed in the air, on the sea and on land.
The world is getting smaller. Worldwide businesses can now communicate in the blink of an eye; requesting, ordering, packaging, delivering anything, anywhere, any time.
We’re getting smarter. As we constantly learn and create and deliver, we can also predict and innovate. This allows us to provide the solution before the problem has taken hold.

We help SME’s and Blue-Chip companies all over the world to sustain their quality deliverable’s to waiting clients.

“Our products and services offer support not only in the transport of products, but also in the efficient handling of products within this process. For these companies, proficient delivery and on time transport services are paramount. Our products help them achieve this.”

So, we fabricate the transport mechanisms and systems themselves, as well as everything in between…
Airports: luggage systems, check-in desks, engine parts, case trolleys. (etc)
Docks: all marine cargo vehicles, gantries, loading bays, quayside housing, step ladders. (etc)
Railways: metal fabrications in, on and around your national railway service. (etc)
Roads: CCTV posts, street furniture, building architecture, bridges. (etc)
Everything in between: agricultural equipment, ride-on lawn mowers, grit spreaders. (etc)

Everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by metal fabrication; steel structures moulded and welded to perfection, precision engineered and laser cut items, powder coated to look amazing.
We do all of this every day and, we hope, it passes you by without a second glance.
Because engineering shouldn’t stand out, it should blend in.
Okay, so we’re not talking about the Tyne or Millennium Bridges of course… THEY should stand out; but most of the time, the things we create should simply form part of your natural life.

We help you to travel the world. Experience new things. Even save the planet.
And you’re very welcome.