Serious Engineering’s Core Market Sectors: Part 2


At Serious Engineering we focus on 6 main core markets of the Engineering industry.

These are:

1.Oil and Gas, Subsea and Petrochemical.
2.Mail Processing, Trolleys & Wheeled Equipment.
3.Mechanical Handling & Automated Process Control.
4.Transport – Road, Rail, Air, Sea.
5.OEMs & Bespoke Fabrication Solutions.
6.Energy, The Environment & Power Distribution.

In part 2 (this blog) we will be looking at the work that Serious Engineering contributes to the last 3 core market sectors. You can find Part 1 about the first 3 core market sectors here. 

Transport – Road, Rail, Air, Sea.
Serious engineering has had many links with the transport sector and worked in partnership with many blue chip companies, helping to sustain them in their pursuit of providing the best services to their clients.

Our products and services offer support not only in the transport of products, but also in the efficient handling of products within this process. For these companies, proficient delivery and on time transport services are paramount. Our products help them achieve this.

OEMs & Bespoke Fabrication Solutions.
Our extensive fabrication facilities offer the reliability and capability to products and services required by OEM manufacturers as well as other contracts. We are both an OEM supplier and a custom metal fabricator. We provide fabricated metal parts and assemblies, component parts and sub-assemblies, including aftermarket items, for major OEMs.

We can offer small to medium fabrications and sheet metal peripheral parts in mildsteel, stainless steel and aluminium, incorporating both simplified and extremely complex design. Our in-house 2D & 3D design, engineering and build processes offer value and cost effectiveness for bespoke fabrications and economies of scale for batch type fabrications for OEM customers with either product lines or a requirement for prototype equipment.

Energy, The Environment & Power Distribution.
Here at Serious we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. As a supplier providing peripheral equipment to companies who produce and distribute power from many different processes, we endeavour to follow our work processes through conscientiously and to leave a minimal carbon footprint.

Our expertise supports many different industries, including: Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Offshore, Wind Energy, Wave and Tidal Power Generation, Hydroelectric, Nuclear and Solar Power as well as traditional networks in control and power distribution.

All of these renewable and traditional energy generation and distribution routes require the support of primary and secondary fabrications and peripheral parts in order to function in a way that contributes to the ethos behind ISO 14001 (Environmental Sustainability).

We are accredited to ISO 14001 which highlights our commitment to our environmental responsibilities. All of our in house processes are audited and tested to conform to these requirements.
Part 1 of this blog can be found here.