Mail Processing, Trolleys & Wheeled Equipment

Mail Processing, Trolleys & Wheeled Equipment information coming soon.

At Serious Engineering, we know that the sheer variety of trolleys and wheeled equipment requested by hundreds of different sectors, makes this range of products incredibly bespoke.

The majority of trolleys and wheeled equipment designed, developed and manufactured here at Serious Engineering are for manual use. Whenever we design equipment that is to be interacted with by members of the public, the responsibility to deliver safe, fit-for-purpose items is paramount.

Our trolleys and wheeled equipment can be used in environments such as catering, mail processing, offices, airports, hospitals, schools… and they’ll be used daily, possibly by numerous people, in numerous situations, to carry numerous items of varying weight and size.

All of our equipment is designed with strength, manoeuvrability and longevity in mind.
Manufactured in high grade steel with high quality welds, tested and checked by our on-site, trained and qualified CSWIP Weld Inspectors (Certification Scheme for Welding Inspections Personnel).

Our trolleys and wheeled equipment are of a variety of specifications – they can be secure to protect private documentation and valuables; and they can have lockable wheels to be safely left unattended on a variety of surfaces. Our equipment will always be light enough to manoeuvre but robust enough to last; they’ll be powder coated, if required, and finished to the highest quality; they’ll be practical yet aesthetically perfect for the task at hand.

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