Powder Coating

Powder coating.

Powder coating services are highly skilled and many companies will sub contract this work out to specialists. At Serious Engineering we only employ specialists and are able to keep this service in-house.

Powder coating uses free-flowing, dry powder as opposed to liquid coatings. This removes the possibility of ‘running’ or ‘sagging’, making for a guaranteed even result. As Powder coating finishes don’t require a solvent like liquid finishes they are far more environmentally friendly. The coating is typically applied electro-statically and is then cured under heat to allow it to form a skin. This hard, powder coating finish is far tougher than conventional paint.

For Serious Engineering, powder coating is an essential part of the production process and, as such, it must be treated with the same degree of commitment as any earlier stage. We don’t sub-contract out our powder coating services, we keep this in-house at our premises in the North East.